The Perfect Fit: Best Rugby Boots for Forwards

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Our new blog series is all about exploring the key factors that define The Perfect Fit.


From stud types to materials, discover the components that contribute to comfort, performance, and durability on the rugby field. Whether you’re a speed-focused back or a robust forward, The Perfect Fit will help find the perfect pair of boots for you.


We’re kicking off the series with a guide to the best rugby boots for Forwards.

Adidas Kakari

Adidas Kakari boots are a popular choice among forwards in rugby due to their design that prioritises stability, traction, and durability which are crucial attributes for forwards.

Enhanced Traction in Tight Spaces

Forwards often find themselves in tight spaces, particularly during scrums and rucks. The stud configuration of Kakari boots is optimised for these scenarios, providing traction and grip to dominate in close-quarters play.

Key Features:

  • Durable Upper Materials: Incorporate durable materials in the upper, such as synthetic overlays or premium leather.
  • Ankle Support: Offer a mid-cut design that provides adequate ankle support without compromising comfort.
  • Water-Resistant: Some Kakari models may feature water-resistant materials, making them suitable for playing in wet conditions.

Mizuno Morelia Neo Elite

The Mizuno Morelia Neo Elite 8 stud Rugby Boot is built for the forward pack with maximum comfort power and acceleration.


Features a K-leather (Kangaroo leather) upper for a soft and natural touch on the ball.

Key Features:

  • Firm Favourite: Often favored by players seeking speed and precision.
  • Molded Outsole: Provides outstanding traction on soft natural pitches.
  • Unmatched Responsive Feel and Excellent Touch: Celebrated for elevating your ball control and precision to unparalleled levels.

Puma Avant Pro

The PUMA Avant Pro is an elite Rugby boot engineered for technical and powerful players, best suited to forwards.

Key Features:

  • Technically Excellent: Tough synthetic leather on the forefoot and heel areas.
  • Matryxmesh Technology: Midfoot support during fast-forward motion.
  • Aesthetically On-Point: Puma have perfected the mid-range forwards boot with this pair.

When selecting rugby boots for forwards, consider factors such as the playing surface (firm ground or soft ground), the specific position you play, and your personal preferences regarding fit and comfort.


Keep an eye out for our next guide to the best rugby boots for Backs in our The Perfect Fit series.


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