adidas RS15 Rugby Boot


The Rugby Shop is excited to launch the brand new adidas RS15 Rugby Boot the first of its kind to be on show at the RWC 2023. With options for both soft and hard grounds, the adidas RS15’s are designed to crush on the field. 

The RS15’s are a game changer when it comes to rugby boots, worn by the world’s most iconic Rugby Players; Dupont, Tom Curry and Chelsea Bremmer to name a few. 

The RS-15 Rugby Boots from adidas provide the perfect combination of stability, traction and support to make sure you stay in charge.

These boots are lightweight, fit like a glove and with their Fusion Skin leather forefoot and Speedframe outsole they give you all the traction needed for you to gain as much speed as possible. 

As they are designed for soft ground, and firm grounds you can ensure optimal performance and durability so you can focus on taking the field by storm. View our wide range of adidas RS15 Rugby Boots below:

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