Vitamins and Minerals


Research over recent years has shown that the vast majority of people don’t get anywhere near enough vitamins and minerals in their daily food consumption.

But why are vitamins and minerals so important? Here are just a few of the benefits that vitamins and minerals can bring you!

  • They act as antioxidants.
  • Help to protect cell walls.
  • Help with the proper consumption of a vast majority of the foods you digest.
  • Help you with healthy skin, bones and hair.
  • Important for digesting and helping to utilise energy from food.

There are loads of other benefits that each and every vitamin can bring to you, this is why they are so important!

So How Can We Get More Vitamins And Minerals Into Our Diet?

It’s actually far easier than you think to get them into your daily routine. It’s just a matter of consistency and getting lots of variety.

Here is an easy list to follow which gives you the food and what they contain in order to make sure you get as much variety as possible.


These are just a few of the vitamins and minerals that you can have and there are plenty more that we should be having.

Now there are some people who just hate fruit and vegetables, never eat them and basically point blank refuse to.

daily multi vitamin

But there are a couple of ways that we can use once we have explained the full benefits to them of getting fruit and vegetables into their plan.

One is simply providing a much bigger list of fruit and vegetables than they actually know! I can guarantee that they haven’t even tried 50% of them so there are lots to try especially when you add in the huge variety of colours.

The other is by using a good multivitamin supplement. This isn’t one that we use often purely because food is better than any supplement generally so we try to use that as our main source.

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