Mizuno Morelia Neo III ß – Blue Caracao

2023 marked the arrival of the Morelia Neo III beta Elite Rugby boots in Blue Curacao. 

They currently retail at £175.00

Upgrade your pitch performance with the new bespoke boots available in mix stud and mold studs intelligently crafted by Japanese designers. Providing ultimate acceleration on the pitch, they also maintain high-level durability when in action with the support of a robust k-leather exterior body. 

Unlike the II generation design, the III generation has evolved with the added improvements of an extended toe box which allows for an advanced sense of foot comfort during high endurance activity and a set of thinner 4mm laces that accompany the sleek tongue-free body to ensure an aerodynamic feel when in action. Weighing only 200g, the specialist football boot provides a comfortable barefoot-feel. With the addition of reinforced studs, stability is preserved for use on both soft and firm surfaces. 

An innovative design specialised to improve every aspect of professional performance, they truly are exceptional addition for elite players.


Free Delivery to UK for orders over £50. Next day delivery available for orders before 3pm (Mon – Thurs)

Shop Now – https://therugbyshop.co.uk/product-category/rugby-football-boots/mizuno-boots/mizuno-morelia-neo/

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