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PulseRoll Vibrating Massage Ball

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Small in size but big in massage vibrations to help invigorate your senses and target those trigger points.

Lay back and let the ball do the work to help you unwind from the daily aches and stresses, simply work the remote to feel the pain slip away.

  • 3 Active speeds + 1 Pulse mode
  • Convenient remote control
  • 6 Hour battery life

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Small but powerful; the Pulseroll vibrating massage ball adds a kick to your current recovery routine.

The Pulseroll vibrating massage ball is a deep tissue massager that fits comfortably in the palm of your hand. Unlike standard foam rollers, the single ball can reach specific trigger points all over the body.

This super portable tool is ideal for physiotherapy, muscle recovery, and pain relief. With a low massage setting, the Pulseroll vibrating massage ball will blissfully help to provide much needed relief and work on releasing those knots in the home, gym, or even on the go. It is ideal to use on the glutes and amazing when used under the feet; helping those suffering with plantar fasciitis.

How to use the massage ball:

The Pulseroll vibrating massage ball is small but powerful. A key benefit of this product is that the vibration technology does all the work, so there is less need for you to move around.

There are many effective ways you can use the vibrating massage ball to receive maximum benefits for your body. When placing the single massage ball on the floor, you can sit or lay on it to target the desired muscle area. The next step is to apply pressure and gently lean side to side and roll up and down. Alternatively, you could hold the vibrating massage ball in one hand and place it comfortably onto the muscle in order to directly target a specific area.

When holding the massage ball against a specific muscle, apply pressure and gently roll in a circular motion using the palm of the hand. If you often get sore feet, the vibrating massage ball is great for instant pain relief, so place it under the foot, apply pressure, and gently roll the ball forward and back across the sole.

Benefits of the Vibrating Massage Ball

  • Scientific studies on Pulseroll products have proven an increase in training recovery & circulation by 22% and improved ROM (range of movement) by 14%
  • The combination of pressure and vibration helps to reduce muscle tightness, increase flexibility, and reduce next day soreness after a training session.
  • Through regular use, the vibration technology within the single ball can increase circulation and flow of blood to the muscles. Use before sessions to enhance performance and after training to improve recovery and long term health.
  • Using the vibrating single ball for warming up tight muscles or for cooling down after training only takes a few minutes and is a quick and efficient way to help achieve the best performance.

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