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SOXPro Grip Socks – Dark Blue


Designed to improve your performance, SOXPro Grip Socks offer maximum grip inside your rugby boots or trainers.

  • Medium (7.5-11)


SOXPro socks are characterized by arrow-shaped silicone. This anti-slip technology activates a GRIP:IN action that does not allow any slipping inside your boot. The silicone generates total adhesion between the socks and the inner sole of the shoes.

  • The arrows are not only on the sole of the foot but also in the strategic area of the heel. This does not allow more front and back or lateral and vertical micro-movements in the shoe, that occur in 90% of sports.
  • While practicing sports, speed is essential but is not the only fundamental factor. Leaping sideways, changing directions abruptly and slowing down quickly are crucial aspects too. That’s why SOXPro socks are made for. While you run or play sports you will get the chance to focus only on your run, strike, pass, movement, breathing or strategy.
  • Greater comfort and balance: the extra cushion protect your foot and its arch from shocks.
  • Extraordinary sensation of power transfer during the performance.
  • Increase of speed and explosiveness when changing direction.
  • Reduction of sprains caused by lateral movement of the foot.
  • The GRIP:IN action on the heel prevents from blisters caused by the slipping of the sock on moist skin

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Medium (7.5-11)



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