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PremGripp Grip Socks Navy


A new generation of high performance sports grip sock with elasticated mould, foot grips, padding to offer comfort and protection, and offset technology to stimulate improved circulation. Ideal for the Rugby Player.

  • Medium 4-7
  • Large 8-11
  • XL 12-14


A new generation of high performance sports Grip Socks, Premgripp ® are designed with integrated grip technology to enhance and maximise the control and power transfer when changing direction. The ideal Grip Sock for the fast paced rugby player

Designed to increase the grip between the foot and the sock, and the sock and the shoe the integrated foot grips increase performance. Premgripp® has anti-blister technology and its fully elasticated foot moulds itself to the shape of your feet.

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Medium 4-7, Large 8-11, XL 12-14




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